Perfection – is it worth it?

How can we become better with our choices and efforts and is striving for perfection the key to our success?
Our friends from Proactive Coaching had this to say about being a perfectionist.

“Perfectionist Athlete” – while some may see being a perfectionist as a positive, for athletes it can be crippling to their performance. You may be a Perfectionist Athlete if you find yourself:
Having to play “perfectly” to feel good about your performance,
Focused only on outcomes & results, not the process,
Only satisfied with those outcomes that are “perfect”
Anxious, tense, & worried in competitions,
Seldom having fun while competing,
Motivated by fear,
Focused on avoiding mistakes,
Not performing the way you are capable of,
Struggling to enjoy the athletic experience the way you should.

Instead of trying to be perfect, consider this concept:
Seek Improvement & Excellence, not Perfection. By focusing on improvement and excellence, you focus more on the process of becoming the best you can be rather than the results of your performance. You also put far less pressure on yourself to achieve certain outcomes, which helps you perform your best.

Spending time with successful sportspeople can be an incredibly rewarding time. Being a part of a successful campaign where individuals and teams continually strive for perfection is often a coach’s dream. The thing is – not everyone wins. In sport and life there is a winner and a loser in most situations. For those that strive for excellence and achieve – there is always a story behind the success – a story that may surprise many of you. For those that strive and miss the mark – the story is often very similar but for 2 seemingly simple realisations.

The big secret…2 of them…what are they?

Environment and Behaviour
Awareness of your environment and your behaviour. This should be easy to conquer you might ask?
It can be.
First let’s look at what your environment might look like at–
• Birthdays
• Christmas
• Parties
• Socialising with friends
• Holidays
I think it’s fair to say these events help create a fun and enjoyable environment.
So, what would your behaviour be in this type of space?
• Relaxed
• Humorous
• Loving
• Thoughtful
• Emotional possibly … many more I know but you get the drft.
Let’s change our environment to these situations–
• Work deadlines
• School exams
• Job interviews
• Team selection
• Confrontation
• Disagreement
• Fighting or dare I say it … war
What would our behaviour become – how will we react in this environment?
• Stressed
• Uneasy
• Worried
• Anxious
• Aggressive
• Hurt
• Protective … again the list goes on
The above can easily become multi-level, 3 dimensional and complex. We have only touched on it and there are so many things to think about.
When we gauge personal development, the games we win are not a true measurement. The games we win are a by-product of our development.
The sales we make in business are accountable in the workplace – the targets we meet are all about doing and keeping our job.
Let’s think about that for a minute…. tell me this…what is our environment like and how are we adapting our behaviour for results?
Our focus on winning can affect our performance in sport and work. There is a difference between being a perfectionist and having that “perfect game” or “in the zone” as many coaches would like to phrase it. Although the desire is clearly there to perform it is the other “seemingly” uncontrollable emotions that leave us all vulnerable and exposed. Doubt, concern, and fear build up while focusing on the “perfect” performance. Some will start to break down every aspect of their performance and ultimately be their worst critic and it may detract from their preferred outcome.
Talk to us about creating a blueprint for success – it is all about your behaviour in any situation. That’s the one thing you can control.

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